These easy-to-fit mounts are developed for small equipment on board yachts. They are available in different colours indicating the maximum allowable supported weight. The hexagonal shaped base aids easy installation in a blind tapped fixation using a M20 wrench.


Metal part

  • Hexagonal base, wrench size 32 (M20), 2mm thick stainless steel type 304, dual side M6 thread

Flexible element                                

  • Unique range of resilient polyurethane elastomer

How to choose the right isolator mount:

  • Determine the weight of the (rotating) machinery unit that needs to be resilient mounted – Weight in kilogram = m [kg]
  • Determine the amount of fixation points – No. of points = n
  • Calculate weight per mounting point – Weight per mount = m/n [kg / mount]
  • Determine disturbing frequency* – Disturbing frequency = f[Hz]

Choose the mount type which falls within the load per mount range and where the disturbing frequency is higher than the ‘reduction starts at’ frequency. If in doubt please ask.

PRODUCTLoad rangeLoad per mountCompression at loadReduction starts at
[kg/mount][kg/mount][mm], approx.[Hz] approx.
FlexCAP Mount Blue0.5 – 20.50.5> 22
VCSS-03793410.9> 15
VCSS-037934FB23.9> 12
FlexCAP Mount Purple2 –> 20
VCSS-0379353.51.9> 18
VCSS-037935FB4.52.7> 15
FlexCAP Mount Black4 –> 18
VCSS-03793653.5> 16
VCSS-037936FB5.54.0> 15
FlexCAP Mount Orange5.5 –> 22
VCSS-03793772.7> 20
VCSS-037937FB8.53.4> 18

NOTE: it is assumed the centre of gravity (COG) is at the centre of the part which needs to be resilient mounted.

*This is a complex matter though there are some guidelines. With rotating machinery, take the constant or lowest revolutions (rpm) and divide by 60 (s), this gives the lowest possible disturbing frequency. Another good indicator is an actual vibration measurement from the unit itself, first distinct peak will give you the lowest disturbing frequency. In case of non-rotating vibrating units (like exhaust silencer), determine the lowest disturbing frequency from the source it is attached to (classic example 4-cylinder diesel generator at 1500 rpm constant velocity: 1500/60 = 50 Hz).

Interested in this product? Please contact Sandor Matla or Aron den Hollander.
Telephone: +31 (0)78 2001344
Email: info@vancappellensolutions.com

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